Many people who buy sporty cars, performance cars and even trucks want the control that a manual transmission provides. A stick shift puts the fun back into driving, at least on the open road. But around town in heavy stop- and-go traffic, having to constantly ride the clutch and shift gears can be a real pain and make you wish you'd opted for an automatic - especially if the clutch is acting up. So Dalia Clutch Plate Repairing all your clutch plate and work quikly Clutch problems can occur at almost any mileage and for a wide variety of reasons. When the clutch pedal is released and the clutch disc starts to rub against the flywheel and pressure plate, it generates friction and heat. This helps absorb the shock loading that would otherwise jolt the drivetrain every time the transmission was put into gear or shifted. A little slippage under these conditions is a good thing because it helps dampen loads that might otherwise damage gears, U-joints and CV joints.  Dalia Clutch Plate Repairing  Designed By Jigar B Patel Home  | Product | Gallery | About Clutch  | Contact us Dalia Clutch Plate Repairing 1-B, Anand Industrial Estate, Opp, Yamuna Mill Gate Dabhoi Road, Vadodara-Gujarat 390004 India VIRAL BALMUKUND PATEL         M: 9099023858                                           Website Contact Details | Site Map